Brigandine type “Kusnacht”


Lightweight, comfortable and well protected body armor.

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This body protection is based on the plates found in the castle “Kusnacht”, Switzerland. Such armor was used in the 14-15 century in Western Europe.

All plates of this brigandine specially increased compared to the medieval ones, and are located on top of each other with an overlap. Due to this, hit is distributed over a larger area of body armor and loses its power. The plates we made of titanium – a material that does not inferior to steel in strength, but it is easier. This is especially important, because the brigandine is the heaviest part of the armor and this way you can ease the armor of 2.5-3 kg.

Due to the large number of elements and their placement, “Küsnacht” has good mobility. It would not hinder you from moving, you will be able to bend and bow down in fight without any difficulty. The body armors plates are mounted on a fabric base, which consists of wool and durable tarpaulin. Thus brigandine will wear less out and last you longer.

The armor is fastened on the fighter from the side and top with the help of straps. This is a distinctive feature of “Küsnacht”, such solution make armor fitted to the body, it’s suits well, and weight is better distributed.

Brigandine Kusnacht is suitable for both single and for mass battles. If you need mobility and reliability in battle, then you will like this model.

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Titanium large size (fighter 71kg or more), Titanium medium size (fighter 70kg or less), Hardened steel