Kettle Hat helmet for armored combat


Available upon preorder or as made-to-measure



Introducing the Kettle Hat helmet for armored combat – the ultimate choice for mass battles that prioritize breathability and visibility, without compromising safety.

The Kettle Hat helmet includes:

  • Hardened steel helmet
  • Hidden face protection
  • Half riveted/half solid rings steel chain mail aventail
  • Foam padding and padded aventail
  • Chin straps + Simon strap
  • Hardened steel hidden plates for neck protection

Ultimate Eye Protection:

Unlike ordinary helmets, this one features chainmail that extends up to the helmet, ensuring your eyes are shielded from unexpected attacks. Say goodbye to worries about eye injuries.

Multi-Layered Defense:

Beneath the chainmail, a robust “grill bar” mechanism safeguards your face and neck. Crafted from thick, hardened steel bars, it absorbs the force of incoming blows, keeping you in control.

Built to Last:

Crafted from hardened spring steel 30HGSA with a 3mm thickness, this helmet guarantees durability and security. Weighing 8.9 kg (19.6 lbs), it’s designed to withstand the harshest battles, protecting your head from concussions.

Complete Package:

The helmet package includes a hardened steel helmet, concealed face protection, a half-riveted and half-solid steel chainmail aventail, padded foam inserts, chin straps, a Simon strap, and hidden neck protection plates.

Don’t compromise on safety and comfort – embrace the power of the Kettle Hat helmet. Join the ranks of warriors who prioritize not only victory but also their well-being.

Dominate the battlefield with confidence!

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Weight 8.9 kg