ROA helmet “Immortal” with brass cross


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Meet the ROA helmet “Immortal” with brass cross – the Romance of Alexander Bascinet (ROA) designed for armored combat.

These flat-style visors are called the ROA – widely used in multiple medieval manuscripts.

The height of eye slots is 20 mm according to the historical medieval battle regulations for these helmets.

Your All-in-One Helmet:

  • The Dome: The helmet’s dome, complete with an attached visor, provides solid protection.
  • Visor Lock: Keep your visor securely fastened during intense battles with the strap-and-button mechanism.
  • Ultimate Comfort: The interior features a padded liner and a soft aventail for comfort during long battles.
  • Neck’s Defense: Hardened steel back and side plates offer comprehensive neck protection.
  • Customized Fit: Use the two sets of chin straps and the Simon strap to adjust the helmet to your liking for a secure fit.
  • Chainmail Brilliance: The half-riveted, half-solid chainmail aventail offers extra protection and durability.


Technical Details:

  • Dome: Made from sturdy 3 mm steel (top) and 2 mm bottom.
  • Visor: Crafted with durable 2 mm thickness.
  • Material: Constructed with hardened 30HGSA steel.
  • Chainmail:  Half solid and half riveted rings for extra durability.
  • Weight: 7540 g or 16 1/2 lbs

Elevate your armored combat experience with the “Immortal” ROA helmet. It’s more than just armor; it’s your connection to history and strength, ready for action on the battlefield. Make your mark with this exceptional piece of medieval craftsmanship.

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