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ROA helmet “Immortal” with brass cross visor

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  • I'm very glad and satisfied! It is difficult to find kindness, professionality, very good quality of products, congeniality and easy communication in the same place; but i found all this things in Medieval Extreme. My teammates and I, Saint George of Genoa Italy, reccomand it. Now i think to buy other toys here�. To the next purchase of the best quality armor!!!���

    Edoardo Vircillo Avatar Edoardo Vircillo

    positive review  Medieval Extreme really went above and beyond on my custom C-belt! Fits perfectly and the construction is solid! I will always recommend this crew for getting what you need and getting it done right!

    Lincoln Hawk Avatar Lincoln Hawk
  • positive review  My husband recently purchased a 2 handed bearded axe from here. And overall he is very impressed with the quality of the weapon. You can see the time and effort put into it. We highly recommend Medieval Extreme for all our Buhurt needs. The shipping was quick coming all the way from Ukraine which was only around 3 weeks. These guys know how to do to business with any questions asked were answered in a timely manner.

    Brenda Hosto Avatar Brenda Hosto

    positive review  I recently purchased an arming sword and a shield from these guys. I've been using them for Pell work and light sparring. the balance is superb and the quality of the shield is impeccable. going to be purchasing more implements of pain from them that's for sure.

    Sean Bouissey Avatar Sean Bouissey
  • I love it. Good guy , very friendly. Delivery to Germany tooks only 2 weeks and the stuff is perfect. I will buy more by him ! Greetings from Germany.

    Raphael Sperber Avatar Raphael Sperber

    positive review  Great service, good and fair prices, fast answer, fast delivery with easy tracking, great product at perfect size. The contact person speaks amazingly english, which helps a lot the order. The item is sent on time, with ultra fast crafting delays compared to competitors. And final touch: they add lovely goodies to the order!! For sure one of the best ( if not the very best) providers for HMB stuff!!

    Bertrand Rbt Avatar Bertrand Rbt
  • positive review  brought a longsword from them it is amazing quality and they were very helpful and friendly to deal with I will be using them again for my next purchase

    Christina Ellis Avatar Christina Ellis

    positive review  I have bought a few things from med extreme over the last 2 years (greaves/lobster plate/ falchion/mitts) , and always been happy with the purchases. The communication with the company rep and the armoury is always quick- they answer within 3 hours of receiving a question and they are happy to modify off the general catalogue. Free shipping to Australia (usually 4 weeks) is a massive benefit over other companies. I hesitated buying plate mitts because the cost is high and they must fit well, but I can’t be happier with the ones they made me (buhurt optimised mitts) they passed the test, and now ill happily buy anything else from them. Quality is always top level. Protection level is high and quality level for weapons is top of the top. Not the cheapest, but one of the best for speed and quality so it’s worth it.

    Scott James Avatar Scott James
  • positive review  Would highly recommend Medieval Extreme to anybody and everybody in the Medieval combat world. Excellent service, High quality products and just an all round great experience. Thanks for everything mate ?

    Samuel Wride Avatar Samuel Wride

    positive review  équipements de très bonne qualité, que ce soit en terme de matériaux ou d'ajustement personnalisé.

    Jean-François Malvoisin Avatar Jean-François Malvoisin
  • Received my order from Medieval Exteme. The customer service was excellent, and the shiiping to the U.S. was quick. The craftsmanship of the paldrons I ordered is spot on, solid and well done. I highly recommend dealing with them, i sure will be.

    Roibeard MacOscar Avatar Roibeard MacOscar

    positive review  I’ve get my new gauntlets from medieval extreme, i’m very happy about it they are light strong and like i’ve asked they fit well. I’m very happy costumer

    Dimitri Lepori Avatar Dimitri Lepori

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MedievalExtreme company – the group of armorers, fighters, and crafters from Ukraine.

Here you can buy reliable equipment for armored combat battles and special leagues within it: IMCF, HMB, and ACS. From helmets, brigantines, and gauntlets to falchions and axes. Looking for a sword? One-handed or two-handed? Easy! Medieval shield? Just choose a shape and image!

Need the new axe to dominate the battlefield? Easy! New brigandine to protect your body in the hottest battles? Just choose the size and material and boom – you are ready for the tournament.

The MedievalExtreme blacksmiths would be happy to make you a new tool of pain or armor piece so you will feel comfortable in buhurts or duel disciplines.

Buhurt is life and we are here to make your life easier.