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Introducing the ROA Helmet “Guardian” Blackened Cross – a masterpiece designed for the rigors of armored combat. Immerse yourself in the Romance of Alexander Bascinet’s legacy with this exceptional helm.

The helmet includes:

  • Dome with securely attached visor
  • the button and strap to keep the visor locked
  • Padded liner with padded aventail
  • Hardened steel plates for neck protection
  • 2 sets of chin straps
  • Simon strap
  • riveted chainmail.


  • Dome 3 mm
  • Visor 2 mm
  • Hardened 30HGSA steel
  • Steel riveted chainmail
  • Weight 8 kg  (17.6 lbs)

Key Features:

ROA Visors: Embrace the historical significance of flat-style ROA visors, known from various medieval manuscripts. The eye slots, standing at 20 mm in height, align with the regulations set by historical medieval battle authorities.

Distinctive Design: The brass cross decoration coupled with the anatomical dome shape ensures that the ROA Helmet “Guardian” stands out boldly on the battlefield, making a lasting impression.

Comprehensive Protection: This helmet comes complete with a securely attached visor, equipped with a button and strap for secure locking. The padded liner, padded aventail, and hardened steel plates for neck protection offer a holistic approach to defense.

Secure Fit: Featuring two sets of chin straps and the essential Simon strap, the helmet guarantees a secure and comfortable fit during the most intense combat situations.

Riveted Chainmail: The addition of riveted chainmail adds an extra layer of protection, combining functionality with authenticity.


Dome: Crafted from 3 mm hardened 30HGSA steel, the dome ensures robust durability and resilience.
Visor: With a thickness of 2 mm, the visor provides reliable protection without compromising visibility.
Weight: Weighing in at 8 kg (17.6 lbs), the ROA Helmet “Guardian” strikes the perfect balance between weight and protection.

Elevate your armored combat experience with the ROA helmet “Guardian” blackened cross – where tradition meets innovation. Order now and embrace the legacy of the Romance of Alexander! ????️

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Weight 8 kg

58-60, Made-to-measure

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