Eastern floating legs set


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Introducing the Eastern Floating Legs Set – Unparalleled Mobility for Full-Contact Battles!

We designed our eastern legs set to provide warriors with exceptional mobility and reliable protection during full-contact battles and historical reenactments. Crafted for performance and comfort, these leg protectors are built to withstand the rigors of intense combat and make your Mongol kit even more stylish.


  • Hardened steel 1 mm (1.5 mm for the knees)
  • Weight 7.5 kg (16 1/2 lbs) for the XL size

Advanced Construction for Exceptional Mobility

The Eastern Floating Legs Set comprises two essential components:

  1. Floating Thighs with Knees – Reinforced with Riveted Chainmail. Our floating thighs and knees feature durable riveted chainmail, ensuring mobility without compromising safety. They offer robust protection to endure the challenges of combat.
  2. Three-Segment Greaves – Enhanced Protection and Comfort. The three-segment greaves provide superior protection while maintaining an excellent fit, even with high Eastern-style footwear. Their innovative design minimizes gaps and ensures optimal mobility.

Designed for Safety and Durability

Unlike traditional Eastern leg kits that rely on leather laces, our design features a secure leather strap and riveted steel rings to fasten the knees. Additionally, the side plates on both the inner and outer sides of the knees enhance safety, setting these legs apart.

Premium Materials for Peak Performance

We used hardened steel for our leg protectors with a thickness of 1 mm (1.5 mm for the knees). This provides an ideal balance between weight and durability, offering outstanding maneuverability while guaranteeing solid defense.

Eastern Floating Legs Set Tailored for Your Perfect Fit

Every set of our legs is crafted to your unique measurements. This ensures an impeccable fit, allowing you to focus on the battle at hand without discomfort or distraction.

Run to the battle with confidence by equipping yourself with the Eastern Floating Legs Set. Order now and experience unmatched mobility and protection on the battlefield.



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Weight 7.5 kg